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Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla with Atlantic Spine Center on treatment tips for spinal stenosis

Spinal StenosisTreatments
The signs can start gradually and worsen over time, including pain or cramping in your legs, numbness or weakness in your hands or feet, and problems with balance. What might be causing such…
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Raking leaves without back pain

Back PainPrevention
Cleaning up those autumn leaves can be back-breaking, literally, unless one approaches the task with caution, proper preparation, and a yard-bag full of common sense, according to renowned endoscopic…
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Dr. Kaixuan Liu with his Tips on Protecting Your Back When Carrying Extra Weight

Obesity meaning More than twenty years ago, federal health officials warned that a growing obesity epidemic was threatening the health of millions of Americans. Since then, the situation was gotten…
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Cervical (neck) Herniation disc Symptoms and Treatment

Cervical NeckHerniation
Problems that nag us often get labeled a “pain in the neck.” But there’s an actual pain in the neck called a cervical disc herniation that can create a host of troublesome symptoms, necessitating…
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Heat or Ice for an Aching Back and Neck?

Back and neck pain are among our most common afflictions. According to most estimates, as many as 70-80% of adults will suffer back or neck pain that interferes with their daily activities at some…
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ExcelsiusGPS Robotic Navigation Spine Surgery

ExcelsiusGPSRobotic SurgerySpine Surgery
GPS-like Robot Proves a “Groundbreaking” option for Spinal Fusion Surgery at Atlantic Spine Center. Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla with Atlantic Spine Center describes the quick and precise technique of this…