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Things to Know About Diagnosing and Treating Osteoporosis

Endoscopic Spine Surgeon Dr. Kaixuan Liu with Atlantic Spine Center shares the most important aspects about treating osteoporosis. “Diagnosing osteoporosis is done by performing a bone density test…
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Spinal Joint Injections Help Doctors Pinpoint Source of Pain

Back PainEpidural Injection
Injections of analgesic and steroidal medications may provide only temporary relief from neck and back pain, but they have become a cornerstone to correctly diagnosing a disorder called facet joint…
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Scientists on Hunt for Better Ways to Treat Slipped Discs

TreatmentsSlipped Discs
They bulge, they slip, they rupture. But scientists continue searching for novel ways of diagnosing and treating diseased spinal and cervical discs that can cause debilitating pain, lower quality of…
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Endoscopic Laminotomy: It Spells ‘Relief’ for Spinal Nerves

Endoscopic Spine Surgery
New instrumentation and advances in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques, like endoscopic lumbar laminotomy, are enhancing surgeons’ ability to relieve debilitating back pain, while reducing…
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The Link Between Sitting & Back Pain. Does Sitting Cause Back Pain?

Back Pain
Whether we’re commuting to the office, working at a desk or hunched over a computer or other device, these activities have one thing in common: We do them while sitting. But all of this sitting can…
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Winter and Pains in the Back or Neck – How Dr. Liu feels you can Reduce the Risk

Pain ReliefPain Management
“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,” but your back and neck may not be feeling so delightful unless you took the necessary precautions to protect the spine from winter’s cold and activity perils…