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Scientists on Hunt for Better Ways to Treat Slipped Discs

TreatmentsSlipped Discs
They bulge, they slip, they rupture. But scientists continue searching for novel ways of diagnosing and treating diseased spinal and cervical discs that can cause debilitating pain, lower quality of…
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Causes and Treatments for Nighttime Back Pain – What you Should Know

What is Nighttime Back Pain Nighttime back pain is a type of discomfort or pain that specifically occurs in the back while sleeping or trying to fall asleep. This can range from a dull ache to sharp…
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Dr. Kaixuan Liu discusses Sciatica, its causes, treatments, and preventative measures

Dr. Kaixuan Liu discusses Sciatica, its causes, treatments, and preventative measures. Sciatica is a term used to refer to nerve pain that originates in the lower back and is felt through the buttock…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang Explains Symptoms and Causes of Neck Pain and Offers Treatment Tips

Neck PainTreatments
What is neck pain? What a pain in the neck! We rely on that well-worn phrase to describe any number of nuisances. Still, its literal meaning, actual pain in our neck, can stem from a wide variety of…
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Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla with Atlantic Spine Center on treatment tips for spinal stenosis

Spinal StenosisTreatments
The signs can start gradually and worsen over time, including pain or cramping in your legs, numbness or weakness in your hands or feet, and problems with balance. What might be causing such…
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Dr. Kaixuan Liu with his Tips on Protecting Your Back When Carrying Extra Weight

Obesity meaning More than twenty years ago, federal health officials warned that a growing obesity epidemic was threatening the health of millions of Americans. Since then, the situation was gotten…
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Zap Lingering Back & Neck Pain with Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation

Hope for relief may seem elusive when chronic back or neck pain does not respond to conservative measures such as medication or physical therapy. But an increasingly popular, minimally invasive…
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The Spine is Susceptible to Herniated Discs

Herniated DiscTreatments
Backache? Crick or numbness in the neck? It could be a herniated spinal disc which is “a common problem and one we likely share with other animals, including the dinosaurs,” according to renowned…
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Why Physical Therapy Can Help Spine Pain

Physical TherapyTreatments
You have tried simple measures to relieve your spine problems, like over-the-counter medications, applying heat or ice, and rest. But have you tried physical therapy for back pain? If your doctor…
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Back Pain from the Sacroiliac Joint - Where the Pelvis and Lower Spine Link

Spinal Bone SpursTreatments
Lower back pain? Do not automatically assume it is due to strained muscles or a spinal disorder. “The source of the problem may actually be a dysfunctional or inflamed sacroiliac joint – something not…
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What Are Spinal Bone Spurs and What Can Be Done About Them?

Spinal Bone SpursTreatments
It’s ironic that spinal bone spurs are the body’s attempt to heal itself by adding extra bone to a damaged area in the neck or back. But the bony growths themselves can cause suffering, according to…
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Spinal Bone Spur Removal and Recovery Time – What you Should Know

TreatmentsBone Spurs
Dr. Kaixuan Liu with Atlantic Spine Center discusses bone spurs, how they're removed and what to expect during recovery. Bone spurs can develop in several parts of the body, but when they grow on the…
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Spinal Cancer and Spinal Tumors are Rare - What to Know and What to Do

Persistent back pain can be alarming for many reasons, but it seldom signals the serious diagnosis of cancer of the spine, according to Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD, founder and Medical Director of Atlantic…
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Foraminal Stenosis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

TreatmentsSpinal Conditions
Chronic back pain sufferers are certain of only one thing: that their back really hurts and keeps on hurting. But they may not know about a condition called “foraminal stenosis”: a foraminal narrowing…
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What are the Best Pain Relief Options for Sciatica?

Dr. Kaliq Chang offers his recommendations on treatment choices for Sciatica Since sciatica pain is often compared to the agony of a toothache, effective treatment options for this poorly understood…
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What Does Sciatica Mean and Why is it Often Misunderstood?

TreatmentsSpinal ConditionsSciatica
Many people with back pain that radiates down their legs know they’re experiencing sciatica. But what does sciatica actually mean? The term itself is widely misunderstood and so are its treatments…
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Is Spinal Fusion Right for Me? Risks and Benefits

TreatmentsSurgerySpinal Fusion
What is spine fusion surgery? Dr. Kadimcherla with Atlantic Spine Center explains what spine fusion surgery is and who may benefit from it. The idea of spinal fusion surgery sounds intimidating to…
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Endoscopic Rhizotomy: What is it, What Conditions Does it Treat and Benefits

Endoscopic Spine SurgeryTreatments
It makes sense that joints constantly in motion might deteriorate from wear and tear, causing chronic pain. That's precisely what can happen to facet joints in the spine, which a procedure known as…
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Sounds Ridiculous, But It's Really Radiculitis

Dr. Kaliq Chang explains radicular pain and some tips for coping with this common spine problem. Radiculitis can affect any part of the spine but is most common in the lower back or neck. The…
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How Blood Plasma with Platelets Injections Can Help You Heal Quickly

TreatmentsRepair Cells
Dr. Kaliq Chang with Atlantic Spine Center explains Blood Plasma with Platelets Therapy and its benefits. Watching high-profile professional athletes return to the playing field after receiving…
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Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Right for Your Aging and Aching Back?

TreatmentsEndoscopic Spine Surgery
Am I a Candidate for Minimally Invasive Surgery? Learn How a Minimally Invasive procedure called an Endoscopic Laminotomy can help Spinal Stenosis, an age-related narrowing of the spine. Back pain is…
7 min read

Pain Management: What is It, Types and Relief

Back PainTreatments
A plenty of options to provide lower back pain relief and tips for chronic back pain sufferers. People with chronic back pain may have already tried an array of non-invasive pain management methods to…
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What Are the Top Problems Fixed by Radiofrequency Ablation?

TreatmentsRadiofrequency Ablation
What Is Radiofrequency Ablation? Endoscopic Spine Surgeon Dr. Kaixuan Liu with Atlantic Spine Center shares back conditions that can be treated by Radiofrequency Ablation. When back pain just won't…
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Slipped (Herniated) Disc: Causes and Treatment

PreventionTreatmentsHerniated Discs
A herniated disc, also known as a slipped or ruptured disc, occurs when the soft inner portion of a spinal disc pushes through a tear in the outer layer. This can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in…