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Dr. Kaixuan Liu discusses Sciatica, its causes, treatments, and preventative measures.

Sciatica is a term used to refer to nerve pain that originates in the lower back and is felt through the buttock, down the back of the thigh, and into the calf. Sciatic pain radiates along the path of…
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Practical tips for the best exercises to strengthen your spine

Exercises for a strong and pain free spine Everyone is at risk for back pain. Estimates are that 80% of us suffer from it at some point in our lives and we spend billions of dollars every year in…
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Understanding the Connection Between Sleep Positions and Neck and Back Pain

Sleep PositionsBack Pain
Ah, sweet slumber. But how sweet is it when we wake up with neck or back pain? The reality is our sleep position can greatly contribute to spinal woes, according to Kaliq Chang, MD, of Atlantic Spine…
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5 Common Questions About Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

The idea of undergoing spine surgery for a lingering back or neck problem can certainly be intimidating. But many people don’t know much about minimally invasive spine (MIS) surgery, which offers many…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang Explains Reasons for Neck Pain and Offers Treatment Tips

Neck PainTreatments
What Causes Neck Pain and How It Can Be Treated What a pain in the neck! We rely on that well-worn phrase to describe any number of nuisances, but its literal meaning, an actual pain in our neck, can…
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Improper Prep and Training May Increase Your Risk for Spinal Injury

Physical TherapistSports
Skiers and snowboarders hitting the slopes without proper preparation and warm-up exercises, protective gear, training, and good judgment may find their winter fun quickly going downhill, says…