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Why Physical Therapy Can Help Spine Pain

Physical TherapyTreatments
You have tried simple measures to relieve your spine problems, like over-the-counter medications, applying heat or ice, and rest. But have you tried physical therapy for back pain? If your doctor…
6 min read

Physical Therapist, Sridhar Yalamanchili, Discusses Maintaining a Healthy Spine When Exercising

Physical TherapistExercises
When it comes to exercise, too much of a good thing can be, well, back breaking, says physical therapist Sridhar Yalamanchili of Atlantic Spine Center. Workouts overdone or performed with little…
7 min read

What are the Typical Causes for Lower Back Pain?

Back PainCauses
If you know a close relative that has had to deal with lower back pain, especially as they got older, you may be concerned about this highly common problem in yourself. The good news is that many…
3 min read

Coping with Pinched Nerves Around the Spine - What a Nuisance!

Pinched NerveDiagnosisTreatment
Being pinched is not usually enjoyable, and this is certainly the case with pinched nerves around the spine. But fortunately, this highly common problem tends to get better on its own over time, says…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang discusses blood plasma with platelets, a treatment where the body's own cells are used for healing

Among the vast array of treatments available for chronic back pain, one is emerging that is distinct because it uses your body’s cells to help you heal. It is called blood plasma with platelets…
6 min read

Back Pain from the Sacroiliac Joint - Where the Pelvis and Lower Spine Link

Spinal Bone SpursTreatments
Lower back pain? Do not automatically assume it is due to strained muscles or a spinal disorder. “The source of the problem may actually be a dysfunctional or inflamed sacroiliac joint – something not…