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Radiculitis - Pain Radiating Down Your Arms or Legs. Radiating Arm and Leg Pain.

Pain that radiates down your arms or legs is distressing enough without having to learn the odd name of the problem causing it: “radiculitis”. Fortunately, this extremely common scenario usually…
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Is My Sudden Back Pain from My Spine, or is it Something Else?

Back PainDiagnosis
Sudden pain anywhere in the body typically makes us stop what we’re doing – and that’s especially true when it’s in your back. But is your sudden back pain due to a problem in your spine, or something…
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Diagnostic Tests for Identifying the Causes of Pain in the Spine

DiagnosticBack Pain Causes
If you’ve been coping with back or neck pain for weeks or longer, it’s natural to want to know exactly what’s causing it. Fortunately, a growing variety of leading-edge diagnostic tests are available…
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Are Scientists Closing in on a ‘Holy Grail’ for Neck & Back Pain?

TreatmentPain Management
Back and neck pain is reaching what some experts call epidemic proportions worldwide, but are scientists any closer to finding a “Holy Grail” of medicines for safe, long-term relief? “Quite possibly…
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The Benefits of Outpatient Procedures for Spine Care

Outpatient ProceduresSpine Care
Many spine procedures no longer require a hospital stay and are performed regularly at outpatient facilities. A half-century ago, the idea of undergoing spine surgery anywhere but in a hospital was…
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Back Strain (Back Sprain) - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Back PainPulled Back Muscle
The most common back strain symptoms and back sprain treatment options Uncomfortable and often inconvenient – who has time for a problematic muscle? – a pulled muscle in the back also goes by another…