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Do's and Don'ts Following Spine Surgery

SurgeryDo's and Don'ts
Dr. Kaixuan Liu shares his “Do this, but not that” list to follow after spine surgery Almost every type of surgery comes with a list of instructions for what you should or should not do afterward. But…
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When is an Epidural Injection Appropriate for Back Pain?

Epidural InjectionTreatment
Learn which back problems can benefit from epidural treatment. If you hear the word “epidural” and think of pain relief for women giving birth, think a bit bigger: Epidural steroid injections have…
7 min read

The Spine is Susceptible to Herniated Discs

Herniated DiscTreatments
Backache? Crick or numbness in the neck? It could be a herniated spinal disc which is “a common problem and one we likely share with other animals, including the dinosaurs,” according to renowned…
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Getting the Most from a Yoga Routine and Avoiding Injury

Back InjuryExercise
Yoga is a 5,000-year-old discipline whose popularity has grown dramatically in the last few years, by as much as 50% in the United States according to some estimates. Originally a spiritual practice…
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Snow Shoveling and Protecting Your Back

TipsBack Health
Snow and ice present many dangers to those on the road, to those enjoying skiing, skating and other winter sports, and to those exposed to severe weather. But even those who never leave their…
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Diagnostic Tests for Lower, Middle and Upper Back Pain.

Diagnostic TestsBack Pain
Diagnostic Tests for Lower, Middle and Upper Back Pain When your back hurts, whether the pain arises in the lower, middle or upper region, all you likely care about is figuring out the cause and…