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Disc Degeneration and What Can be Done About It

Disc DegenerationTreatment
What Does having a Degenerative Disc Actually Mean? The word degeneration, meaning decline or deterioration, becomes particularly worrisome when it’s paired with the discs of your spine. But there’s…
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What to Ask, Know and Expect from Physical Therapy After Spine Surgery

Physical TherapyPost Surgery
Post-Operative PT and What to Expect Having surgery to tackle back or neck pain is a huge decision. But what comes after spine surgery? Postoperative physical therapy, or PT, is usually the next…
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How High Heels Alter Spine Alignment and Increase the Risk for Back Pain

Back PainRisk Factors
Every day, millions of women dress according to the dictates of fashion, right down to their toes, and complete their outfits with high-heeled shoes in every possible color, fabric, and style. Most…
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Causes and Prevention of Neck Pain

CausesNeck PainPrevention
Dr. Kaliq Chang explains why we have neck pain and offers tips to avoid it. Neck pain is very common and often preventable, according to Kaliq Chang, MD, of Atlantic Spine Center. Comprised of bony…
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Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla with Atlantic Spine Center on treatment tips for spinal stenosis

Spinal StenosisTreatments
The signs can start gradually and worsen over time, including pain or cramping in your legs, numbness or weakness in your hands or feet, and problems with balance. What might be causing such…
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Raking leaves without breaking your back

Back PainPrevention
Cleaning up those autumn leaves can be back-breaking, literally, unless one approaches the task with caution, proper preparation, and a yard-bag full of common sense, according to renowned endoscopic…