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Dr. Kaliq Chang with Atlantic Spine Center Offers Neck Pain Prevention Tips

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Don’t stick your neck out! At least, not for too long or too far, advises Kaliq Chang, MD, an interventional pain management specialist with Atlantic Spine Center, who says, “poor posture is a leading…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang Says Too Much Sitting & Bad Posture Hurts the Spine

Still working from home? Well, don’t just sit there. Get up and move. That’s the advice from interventional pain management specialist Kaliq Chang, MD, with Atlantic Spine Center, who says long hours…
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Understanding Minimally Invasive, or MIS, Spinal Fusion

Back Pain ReliefMIS fusion
Minimally invasive spinal fusion surgery, also called MIS fusion, offers great results without a big and long surgical procedure and benefits people with chronic back pain to quickly get back to their…
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How Tear in a Spinal Disc Can Have Major Impact

The average spinal disc in the back or neck may measure only about an inch in diameter and a quarter-inch thick. But if it tears, that disc can have an impact far beyond its size, causing a patient…
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Epidural Steroid Injection (ESI): It’s How Some Patients Spell Back and Neck Pain Relief

Back Pain ReliefNeck Pain Relief
Epidural corticosteroid shots (ESIs) can relieve excruciating long-term neck and back pain, help patients become functional again, improve quality of life, and in a lot of cases, they can reduce or…
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Persistent Pain After Surgery. When Pain Persists After Spine Surgery

The International Association for the Study of Pain defines failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) as lumbar spinal pain that “persists despite surgical intervention” or develops after surgery. But…