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Spinal Joint Injections Help Doctors Pinpoint Source of Pain

Back PainEpidural Injection
Injections of analgesic and steroidal medications may provide only temporary relief from neck and back pain, but they have become a cornerstone to correctly diagnosing a disorder called facet joint…
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The Link Between Sitting & Back Pain. Does Sitting Cause Back Pain?

Back Pain
Whether we’re commuting to the office, working at a desk or hunched over a computer or other device, these activities have one thing in common: We do them while sitting. But all of this sitting can…
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Spinal bone spurs — Understanding, Diagnosing, and Treating

Back PainSpinal Bone Spurs
Spinal bone spurs, also called osteophytes, are nothing like what most people picture in their heads. That’s the first of six things about spinal bone spurs that endoscopic spinal surgery expert Dr…
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Positions and Neck and Back Pain. Understanding the Connection Between Sleep Positions and Neck and Back Pain

Sleep PositionsBack Pain
Ah, sweet slumber. But how sweet is it when we wake up with neck or back pain? The reality is our sleep position can greatly contribute to spinal woes, according to Kaliq Chang, MD, of Atlantic Spine…
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How High Heels Increase the Risk for Back Pain? How High Heels Alter Spine Alignment and Increase the Risk for Back Pain

Back PainRisk Factors
Every day, millions of women dress according to the dictates of fashion, right down to their toes, and complete their outfits with high-heeled shoes in every possible color, fabric, and style. Most…
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Raking leaves without back pain

Back PainPrevention
Cleaning up those autumn leaves can be back-breaking, literally, unless one approaches the task with caution, proper preparation, and a yard-bag full of common sense, according to renowned endoscopic…
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Diagnostic Tests for Lower, Middle and Upper Back Pain.

Diagnostic TestsBack Pain
Diagnostic Tests for Lower, Middle and Upper Back Pain When your back hurts, whether the pain arises in the lower, middle or upper region, all you likely care about is figuring out the cause and…
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What are the Typical Causes for Lower Back Pain?

Back PainCauses
If you know a close relative that has had to deal with lower back pain, especially as they got older, you may be concerned about this highly common problem in yourself. The good news is that many…
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Is My Sudden Back Pain from My Spine, or is it Something Else?

Back PainDiagnosis
Sudden pain anywhere in the body typically makes us stop what we’re doing – and that’s especially true when it’s in your back. But is your sudden back pain due to a problem in your spine, or something…
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Back Strain (Back Sprain) - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Back PainPulled Back Muscle
The most common back strain symptoms and back sprain treatment options Uncomfortable and often inconvenient – who has time for a problematic muscle? – a pulled muscle in the back also goes by another…
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Medicine for Back Pain-What Works and What to be Careful About

MedicineBack PainPain Relief
When something hurts, it’s natural to want to pop a pill to quickly make the pain go away. But medicine for back pain – depending on the type and how long it’s taken – can come with side effects and…
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Tips for Completing the Fall Cleanup and Yard Work without Back Strain or Pain

Back PainPrevention
Thinking ahead to yard cleanup as the chill of fall and winter approaches? Then it’s wise to also know the ways to avoid back strain as you weed, rake and dig your way through your outdoor chores…
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The Cause of Your Sciatic Pain May Be In the Butt, Not the Back

SymptomsBack PainSciatica
Can sitting too much become a pain in the butt? “Maybe,” says interventional pain management specialist Kaliq Chang MD of the New Jersey-based Atlantic Spine Center, “but a sedentary lifestyle is…
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Understanding Sciatica and How to Manage a Flare-Up

Back PainPreventionSciatica
“Causes of sciatica are multiple and sometimes difficult to pinpoint,” states Kaliq Chang, MD of Atlantic Spine Center, an interventional pain management specialist board-certified in anesthesiology…
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Using Telemedicine for Faster Access to Medical Attention for Back Pain

Back PainTelemedicine
Chronically painful back? Need a physician? With telemedicine, it’s simply a matter of “Beam me up, Scottie.” “We can now transport a patient to the doctor’s office literally in seconds via computer…
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Tests to Diagnose Back Pain

Back PainPreventionRecovery
When It Hurts to Sit, Stand or Sleep: Tests to Diagnose Back Pain Dr. Kaixuan Liu shares some of the top ways doctors figure out the cause of an aching back. Low back pain is a common condition that…
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Exercises and Stretches to Relieve Back Pain

Back PainExercisesPain and Rehabilitation
When back pain strikes, our instinct may be to move as little as possible and avoid all physical activity. But exercising and stretching not only can relieve back pain, but also prevent flare-ups…
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Options for Treating Lumbar Radiculitis

Spinal ConditionsBack Pain
Atlantic Spine Center physician, Dr. Liu, explains Lumbar Radiculitis, a common lower back problem. For a highly common problem, lumbar radiculitis sure does have a funny name. But the lower back pain…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang Offers Tips for Better Back Relief When Obesity Is the Problem

Back PainPreventionPain and Rehab
Unhealthy weight gain may be putting many problems on your back, literally. That concern is echoed by Kaliq Chang MD of Atlantic Spine Center. He says obesity is associated with wear-and-tear on the…
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Best Careers for Individuals Suffering from Chronic Neck or Back Pain

Back PainPrevention
Many people suffer from chronic neck or back pain on a daily basis, but they still need to work. You may be in pain, but your bills will keep coming. Undergoing treatment for back or neck pain is…
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Bulging Discs vs. Herniated Discs - What's the Difference?

Back PainNeck Pain
Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla explains these two common spinal problems a bulging disc or a herniated disc, that are the leading causes of back pain, which forces people to skip work, and offers tips on…
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Pain Management: What is It, Types and Relief

Back PainTreatments
A plenty of options to provide lower back pain relief and tips for chronic back pain sufferers. People with chronic back pain may have already tried an array of non-invasive pain management methods to…
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How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain? Do's and Don'ts for Back Pain Prevention While Sleeping

Back PainPrevention
Best way to sleep with lower back pain Sleep is supposed to be a respite from our troubles, but sometimes the way we sleep – and the mattress and pillows we surround ourselves with – can actually…
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An Endoscopic Discectomy can provide Relief from Chronic Lower Back Pain

Atlantic Spine Center

Spine Health Blog

Back PainEndoscopic Spine Surgery
Kaixuan Liu educates patients and offers tips about the benefits of endoscopic discectomy surgery What is endoscopic spine surgery? Back pain is a condition that most people will endure at some point…
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Best Home Remedies For Back Pain Relief

Back PainExercisesPrevention
With low back pain affecting most Americans at some point in their lives, many people wonder what their options are for treating the occasional back pain flare-up safely and effectively at home…
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Sacroiliac Pain vs. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Spinal ConditionsBack Pain
What is sacroiliac pain? Sacroiliac pain (aka sacroiliac joint pain) refers to the pain originating in the sacroiliac joints, which connect the sacrum (the lower part of the spine) to the pelvis…
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Choosing Endoscopic Facet Rhizotomy Surgery

Back PainNeck PainSurgeryEndoscopic Spine Surgery
Many struggling with chronic neck or lower back pain seek one thing: relief from the pain. This is precisely what can be achieved with endoscopic facet rhizotomy, a minimally invasive spine surgery…
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Safe Cardio for Back Pain Sufferers

Back PainExercises
Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla with Atlantic Spine Center offers tips on the best back-friendly cardiovascular exercises. Want to improve your fitness level but afraid your bad back will keep you on the…