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Pain Management: What is It, Types and Relief

Back PainTreatments
A plenty of options to provide lower back pain relief and tips for chronic back pain sufferers. People with chronic back pain may have already tried an array of non-invasive pain management methods to…
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Studies on Spinal Fusion Success Rates

Spinal FusionEndoscopic Spine Surgery
Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure commonly used to treat various spinal conditions, including degenerative disc disease, spinal instability, and certain types of spinal deformities. The goal of…
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Video Games Help Surgeons with Dexterity and More

Endoscopic Spine SurgerySurgery
Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Praveen Kadimcherla explains why surgeons should play as hard as they work. The next time you're scheduled for minimally invasive surgery – such as the types used for many…
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How to Sleep with Lower Back Pain? Do's and Don'ts for Back Pain Prevention While Sleeping

Back PainPrevention
Best way to sleep with lower back pain Sleep is supposed to be a respite from our troubles, but sometimes the way we sleep – and the mattress and pillows we surround ourselves with – can actually…
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What Are the Top Problems Fixed by Radiofrequency Ablation?

TreatmentsRadiofrequency Ablation
What Is Radiofrequency Ablation? Endoscopic Spine Surgeon Dr. Kaixuan Liu with Atlantic Spine Center shares back conditions that can be treated by Radiofrequency Ablation. When back pain just won't…
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An Endoscopic Discectomy can provide Relief from Chronic Lower Back Pain

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Back PainEndoscopic Spine Surgery
Kaixuan Liu educates patients and offers tips about the benefits of endoscopic discectomy surgery What is endoscopic spine surgery? Back pain is a condition that most people will endure at some point…