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Foraminal Stenosis: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Chronic back pain sufferers are certain of only one thing: that their back really hurts and keeps on hurting. But they may not know about a condition called “foraminal stenosis”: a foraminal narrowing…
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What Does Sciatica Mean and Why is it Often Misunderstood?

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Many people with back pain that radiates down their legs know they’re experiencing sciatica. But what does sciatica actually mean? The term itself is widely misunderstood and so are its treatments…
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Options for Treating Lumbar Radiculitis

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Atlantic Spine Center physician, Dr. Liu, explains Lumbar Radiculitis, a common lower back problem. For a highly common problem, lumbar radiculitis sure does have a funny name. But the lower back pain…
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Piriformis Syndrome - An Under-Diagnosed and Under-Treated Cause Of Sciatic Pain

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Sciatica describes leg pain that originates in the lower back, travels through the buttock and down the sciatic nerve in the leg. It is a condition that can prove to be incredibly painful and even…
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What is Tech Neck? Dr. Kaliq Chang Explains How Technology Can Cause Neck Pain and Offers Prevention Advice

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Are you reading this on your phone, computer, or another mobile device? Are you looking down, shoulders hunched, while doing so? If so, your posture may be contributing to neck pain, headaches, and…
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Sacroiliac Pain vs. Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

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What is sacroiliac pain? Sacroiliac pain (aka sacroiliac joint pain) refers to the pain originating in the sacroiliac joints, which connect the sacrum (the lower part of the spine) to the pelvis…