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Degenerative Disc Disease — Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Disc DegenerationTreatment
What Does having a Degenerative Disc Actually Mean? The word degeneration, meaning decline or deterioration, becomes particularly worrisome when it’s paired with the discs of your spine. But there’s…
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Pinched Nerves - How They're Diagnosed and Treated

Pinched NeveDiagnosisTreatment
If you’ve got a pinched nerve, you’re likely aware of it day and night because of the pain and numbness it produces. But many people with pinched nerves around the spine, a highly common problem, have…
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When is an Epidural Injection Appropriate for Back Pain?

Epidural InjectionTreatment
Learn which back problems can benefit from epidural treatment. If you hear the word “epidural” and think of pain relief for women giving birth, think a bit bigger: Epidural steroid injections have…
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Coping with Pinched Nerves Around the Spine - What a Nuisance!

Pinched NerveDiagnosisTreatment
Being pinched is not usually enjoyable, and this is certainly the case with pinched nerves around the spine. But fortunately, this highly common problem tends to get better on its own over time, says…
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Dr. Kaliq Chang discusses blood plasma with platelets, a treatment where the body's own cells are used for healing

Among the vast array of treatments available for chronic back pain, one is emerging that is distinct because it uses your body’s cells to help you heal. It is called blood plasma with platelets…
7 min read

Treatments for Neck Pain: Expert Solutions

TreatmentPain Management
Back and neck pain is reaching what some experts call epidemic proportions worldwide, but are scientists any closer to finding a “Holy Grail” of medicines aka expert solutions for safe, long-term…
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Piriformis Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Piriformis SyndromeSymptomsTreatment
Why Piriformis Syndrome Can Be a Real Pain in the Butt and what to do about it. Life presents all too many problems that are a “pain in the butt,” but piriformis syndrome literally shows up in this…
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Dr. Liu offers Tips on Causes and Treatments for Middle Back Pain

Middle Back PainTreatment
When people think of back pain, they tend to picture a strained lower back. But middle back pain, which encompasses the area between the neck and the bottom of the rib cage, is an ache with specific…
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Spinal Stenosis — Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

SymptomsTreatmentSpinal Stenosis
Spinal or vertebral stenosis is a common back condition. With this disease, the spaces in the spine become too narrow, which increases pressure on the spinal cord and other nerves. Symptoms and Signs…