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I have seen great improvements from my initial visit until now. The staff is extremely informative & patient. I would & have recommended this center to friends & family. Patricia Walker 1/12/17
Patricia Walker
I, Sheila Agurs, would like to take the time to thank Atlantic Spine Center for all the help that took place with my therapy and Dr. S and Vanessa for everything. If anyone needs help with their spine…
Sheila Agurs
I must say truly that the Atlantic Spine Center really helped me with my pain and movements. I am so thankful for their great respect and careful treatments and also taking the time out to explain…
Arlene Hardy
Dr. Kadimcherla is an extraordinary surgeon! I had both frontal and back (lumbar) fusion and if I had to do it over again (which I wont have to) I wouldn't want anyone other than him (and his team) to…
Excellence in Spinal Care. From initial visit to post care assistance - they are the best E. Johnson 4/24/17
E. Johnson
I took a serious fall back in November 2016 with a patient on the job Little did i know the extent damage that was caused. Workers Comp of course kick in and sent me to see bunch of quacks for…
T. Theis
Overall my experience at the spine center was great. Vanessa and Sridhar were very accommodating and helpful. I will recommend to anybody who needs therapy. Small personal setting. Keep up the great…
K. Hatchett
My Testimony - Atlantic Spine Center & TLIF Saved my life! About 7 years ago, I flipped off a bike while riding down a steep hill, but I did not experience any major complications, just soreness all…
R. L. Muhammad
Thank you very much for your email and yours and Jonathan's concern for my well-being. Following Jonathan's advice I have visited Dr Selesnick's office for evaluation and treatment for my knees and I…
Mr. Torres