Herniated Disc Treatments

The goal in treating a herniated disc is to stabilize the area, heal the damage, and ensure that the disc doesn’t herniate again in the future. Initial treatment begins with non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to help relieve any swelling or inflammation in the damaged area. Physical therapy and core stabilization exercises help to develop the muscles that provide support to the spine and its components. By strengthening these muscles, pressure is taken off the vertebral disc, allowing it to heal as well as preventing future recurrences.

If your pain doesn’t improve with over-the-counter medications, your doctor may prescribe nerve pain medications, muscle relaxants, or epidural steroid injections. Prescription medication will help to lessen your symptoms making it easier for you to perform therapeutic exercises during the early stages of your recovery.

The condition of your spine and the impact your symptoms have on your day to day activities are deciding factors in what herniated disc treatment plan best suits you. Atlantic Spine Center can help provide you with the guidance you need to get the proper treatment.

When to Consider Surgery for a Herniated Disc

For most people, conservative treatments are able to relieve their pain. However, for some patients, weeks or months of conservative, non-surgical treatments fail to improve their symptoms. At this point surgical intervention for a herniated disc should be considered to improve patients quality of life.

In some rare instances, loss of bladder or bowel functions caused by a herniated disc typically indicates a need for immediate surgery.

Endoscopic Surgery Options for a Herniated Disc

Endoscopic Discectomy

A surgical procedure used to remove damaged disc material that is causing pain. It is a modern technique that does not involve bone removal, muscle damage, or large skin incisions. Instead, we use x-ray imaging and magnified video to guide an endoscopic probe into the damaged disc space.

Endoscopic Foraminotomy

Endoscopic foraminotomy is a minimally invasive surgery used to relieve pressure caused by compression from bone spurs, disc bulges, disc herniations, scar tissue, or excessive ligament development. With quick recovery time, foraminotomy surgery patients are often up and back to normal activities in no time.