Chronic Lower Back Pain Relief for Persistent Conditions in the Lumbar Spine

Although it is only 10 percent of the American population that is affected by chronic lower back pain, those who are suffering from it, feel it on a daily basis. Relief from chronic lower back pain may come in many different forms, but finding the proper treatment is often times difficult and requires persistence as well as a highly trained and experienced team.

Conservative Treatment or Surgery for Chronic Lower Back Pain?

The question is often raised, when should I consider a surgical approach to treating my pain? The answer should seem simple but sometimes it is complicated. Usually a conservative approach to treating chronic back pain should be attempted for at least 6 weeks and up to 3 months, depending on the doctor’s discretion. There are some factors that could come into play that may require immediate surgery to avoid permanent damage to the patient:

Cauda Equina Syndrome:

This condition develops as the cauda equina nerve bundle is pinched or compressed. It leads to numbness in the groin and surrounding region as well as bowel and bladder incontinence. This is an emergency situation that needs to be looked at immediately by a medical professional. Get in to see your doctor as soon as possible, or go to the hospital to have your symptoms looked at.

Nerve Death:

If the patient is having problems with coordination, or difficulties moving one or more of the extremities, it is extremely important to have your symptoms looked at as soon as possible. Decompression of the spine may be required immediately to prevent nerve death and permanent damage.