Spinal Cord Stimulator

A spinal cord stimulator produces electrical impulses that interfere with the direct transmission of pain signals traveling along nerves in the spine that deliver pain signals to the brain. Leads are introduced into the problem area in the spine, stimulating the spinal cord and interrupting pain transmission. Painful stimuli are then replaced with a mild tingling sensation or even little sensation at all, in the areas where pain was previously felt.

The strength of the stimulator can be changed if the setting is not optimal for the patient. The system can also be turned on or off as necessary to achieve pain relief when needed. Lumbar spine pain is particularly successful with spinal cord stimulation. Not only does the device reduce or eliminate pain but it also decreased the need for pain medication taken by patients with chronic back pain problems.

Conditions where a spinal cord stimulator may be recommended:

Before surgical spine treatment is considered, we will exhaust conservative, non-surgical spine treatment options first. Our advanced diagnostic and pain mapping techniques enable us to ensure precise diagnosis, which is one of the most important factors towards effective treatment of your pain.

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