ALIF - Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion

ALIF stands for Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion and is the angle taken when the surgeon gains access to the spine from an anterior (Abdominal) approach.

Watch this video on a PLIF Procedure.

ALIF Can Be Used to Treat These Conditions:

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    Bulging Disc

    A bulging disc is quite common, and usually remains undetected until the disc bulge comes in contact with adjacent nerves leading to pain and other symptoms.

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    Degenerative Disc Disease

    Degenerative disc disease is not truly a disease, but more a chain of events that naturally occur as we age. There is no avoiding degenerative disc disease, but you may slow its progress.

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    Disc Tear

    As the outer shell of your disc begins to toughen or dry up, a painful crack or tear could happen. Learn what a disc tear is, and how you can recover from it.

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    Failed Back & Neck Surgery

    There are many reasons why back or neck surgery may provide lackluster results. Bad diagnosis, unskilled surgeon, or improper healing; which is it?

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    Facet Joint Syndrome

    Facet joint syndrome refers to the degeneration and arthritic changes that occur in your facet joints. Age and daily wear and tear are the most common culprits.

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    Foraminal Stenosis

    Foraminal stenosis describes the narrowing of the foramen. As the foramen narrows, exiting nerves can become compressed causing pain and other symptoms.

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Before surgical spine treatment is considered, we will exhaust conservative, non-surgical spine treatment options first. Our advanced diagnostic and pain mapping techniques enable us to ensure precise diagnosis, which is one of the most important factors towards effective treatment of your pain.

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