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About Atlantic Spine Center

Atlantic Spine Center is a multi-specialized group of board certified doctors each focusing on their expertise of care. Depending on the patients causes, symptoms and conditions for which they are experiencing back or neck pain or spine issues, we can offer a solution that is catered to the patient, through the information for care that we can offer during consult and exam to make an informed choice about their care and optimal treatment for reachable results. Some of the more common symptoms we address are unresolved back pain, chronic neck pain, spine injury, disc related pain, spinal nerve path pain, spine pain related to aging or arthritis, recurrent muscle tension in the spine, neck-to-shoulder pain, spine to arm pain, spine to leg pain or radiating symptoms that are a result of spine issues.

How Does a Pain Evaluation Work?

The doctors at Atlantic Spine Center created this tool specifically to address the issue of an early and accurate diagnosis.

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