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  • Akil Hayward

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    I want to thank Dr. Liu and his staff at the Atlantic Spine Center. I feel 100% better after my surgery. Thank you so much!

    -Akil Hayward

  • Marie Buckalew

    Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Dear Dr. Liu:

    When I came to see you regarding my leg, I had such a hard time walking and it got worse by the day.  I want to thank you so very much for relieving my pain down the front of my leg and giving me the ability to walk without all the pain I previously incurred.

    Without your medical knowledge, I don’t know where I would be. You promised me that by doing the surgery to remediate the pinched nerve in my back my leg would feel 100% better – you did not lie, it does.

    I also want to thank your staff at the office and at the Surgical Center for being so helpful and caring. I never met so many fantastic people in one area, let alone two.  At the office they were always there to help and answer questions.  At the Center, there was always someone right by my side to help me and also to answer any questions.

    I know I found your website online and filled out the questionnaire.  If it wasn’t for Rachael Ouellette calling me to see of what help she could be and being so pleasant and caring on the phone, I probably wouldn’t have made an appointment.  I am just so happy I did.

    I would truly recommend Atlantic Spine Center to everyone.

    Again, thank you for making my life so much better.

    Very truly yours,

    Marie Buckalew

  • Marsha Ross (Cape Cod, MA)

    Endoscopic Lumbar Surgery

    Marsha Ross (Cape Cod, MA)

    Dr. Liu and Dr Frazier

    I had my back surgery November 10, 2012 and recovered just as you said I would. I suffered with a degenerating back and pain for 15 years until I could no longer walk my drive-way. After you operated on me, I slowly recovered over the next year. I then booked my long desired trip to china.

    Well, as you can see, here I am on the Great Wall!  I also climbed up 125 flights of stairs to the top of Mt. Emei, Leshan, Sichuan and stayed as the Buddhist Monastery there.  NEVER would I have thought this possible.  I have no more back pain.  I am so happy.  Thank you for giving me my life back.

    Marsha Ross
    Cape Cod, Massachesetts

  • Patricia B. Schoeler (West Orange, NJ)

    Endoscopic Lumbar Foraminotomy


    How can I possibly thank you Dr. Liu?
    I’m in a much better place now, because of you

    I came to you, uncomfortable, in pain, and feeling my worst
    When I met you, I just knew you put your patients first

    Told by other patients that you work “miracles;” they should know
    The way they could move now, they were very eager to show

    I put my trust in you and you didn’t let me down
    I wear a huge smile now, saying good-bye to the “pain frown”

    Visiting me before surgery, you wanted to be sure I understood
    That you could surely help me, I had no doubt that you would

    You prepared to fix one problem but discovered there were two
    Doing what is best for your patient is what you do

    Compassion with my family, aware that waiting there for me was Marie
    Explaining how well I did, what was done and when she should see me

    Important for both patient and family is peace of mind
    The compassion and skill you possess is hard to find

    You are a gifted surgeon but also a compassionate healer too
    So many have been healed because of you!

    May you continue your blessed healing to impart
    God Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Shike Li (New Jersey, USA)

    Endoscopic Disc Herniation Surgery

    I am 34 years old. I had endoscopic back surgery by Dr. Liu at Atlantic Spinal Care, in November 2006. I had back and leg pain for more than 5 years. It started after I had my child. The pain in my leg was so terrible that I could not do the things that I loved to do anymore. I tried physical therapy and I did back exercises, but my pain was getting worse day by day. My doctor sent me for MRI. I was told that I had a few disc herniations in my lumbar spine.

    I am a medical doctor from China. I knew that I had no other choices other than surgery to relieve my pain. I knew the bad results of open spine surgery. I searched the Internet about more advanced laser surgery. I contacted a doctor in Florida whom I found from the Internet. I was ready to go to Florida to have laser surgery by him. Just before my trip, I found Dr. Liu in local news paper and realized he was doing same type of laser surgery in New Jersey. I made an appointment with him for a second opinion immediately. Dr. Liu reviewed all my history and MRIs. He was confident that he could help me. Dr. Liu was very nice and professional. I decided to cancel my Florida trip and asked him to do my surgery. He did discogram for me, a diagnostic test. He suggested me to have two levels of endoscopic discectomy. In November, 2006, on a Thursday morning, I had my surgery. You could not believe it. I walked home the same day without pain. I went to work on next Monday, only in 3 days. Now, six months after my surgery, I am so happy that I can do the things that I could not do for a few years.