We Are Certified Athletic Trainers

You see trainers on the field, and their role is so essential to the livelihood of players. Our team of certified athletic trainers is here to help you deliver your best performance! They are all highly trained healthcare pros who take on a wide range of roles and responsibilities.

Some of our training services include:

  • Individual Assessments
  • Injury Prevention
  • Diagnosis
  • Emergency Intervention of Injuries or Acute Circumstances
  • Treatment Chronic Conditions
  • Sports Pain Management
  • Treatment for Functional or Developmental Disabilities

Coordinating With Your Entire Health and Fitness Team

When a patient becomes injured, especially when they serve a key role, it requires critical thinking and decisive action. Our Sports Performance Athletic Trainers are skilled and knowledgeable, all with certifications in their field. Working collaboratively with other health care providers and coaches, our athletic trainers can nurture and improve an athlete’s performance by zooming in and working on the weaknesses and stressing the strengths. We work with physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians and the whole healthcare team to bring out your maximum potential.

Our approach is natural, modern, and we embrace the most holistic methods of athletic development.


Attend An Information Seminar

Join us at one of our convient New Jersey locations for an evening of learning about the latest innovative spine care treatments from the experts themselves. Check-In / Food and Drinks start at 5:30pm and the seminar begins at 6pm. If you’d like, after the seminar, the doctors meet 1 on 1 for a short personal consultation.

  • Mar 27 | West Orange, NJ
    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD

    It’s Time to Talk about Your Options for Back Pain Relief

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  • Apr 11 | West Orange, NJ
    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD

    What are True Minimally Invasive Procedures?

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  • Apr 26 | Edison, NJ
    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD

    Learn the facts on the advantages of true minimally invasive procedures.

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