What exactly is physical therapy?

Our trained physical therapists apply their expertise to evaluate a patient’s injuries or surgical recovery plan, and then help them through a variety of interdisciplinary measures to restore function and movement. Using several different methods and cutting edge techniques, physical therapy rehabilitates injuries and redevelops the muscles that have been weakened by the injury.

We help patients from all walks of life, from surgical recovery patients, expectant mothers, labor workers, athletes, kids and teens, the elderly and even those who have been dealing with chronic pain for a long time. Our highly trained physical therapists work collaboratively with our board-certified physicians while also incorporating our chiropractors, acupuncturists and other team services if needed to deliver the best customized program to help you improve or restore muscle function and movement.

This gives our patients a better quality of life while recovering, and many fully recover through our regimented process. Our doctors of physical therapy (DPT) and out PT team focus on each patient with a customized approach. We determine your goals, what activities you participate in, lifestyle, nutrition and where you feel pain so that we can put you on the best course of rehabilitation. Many of our patients can successfully heal with little or no prescription narcotics, further procedures or other complications.


Attend An Information Seminar

Join us at one of our convient New Jersey locations for an evening of learning about the latest innovative spine care treatments from the experts themselves. Check-In / Food and Drinks start at 5:30pm and the seminar begins at 6pm. If you’d like, after the seminar, the doctors meet 1 on 1 for a short personal consultation.

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    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD and Daveed D. Frazier, MD

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  • Jul 13 | Edison, NJ
    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD and Praveen Kadimcherla, MD

    Learn the facts on the advantages of true minimally invasive procedures.

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  • Jun 20 | West Orange, NJ
    Kaixuan Liu, MD, PhD and Daveed D. Frazier, MD

    It’s Time to Talk about Your Options for Back Pain Relief

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