Massage Therapy: Time to Relax

Massage therapy is becoming more popular and known as a way to strengthen and elongate muscles, while improving blood flow and relaxing the body and mind. Particularly for those who play sports or who participate in strenuous activities, the massage can offer multiple benefits as a form of healing.

Virtually everyone experiences some kind of pain through their spine, whether it is from sitting at a desk all day or doing laborious jobs; or from playing sports. Atlantic Spine Center has dedicated massage therapists who have been trained to work the soft tissues and muscles on your neck, back, head, legs, arms, or wherever you feel stress and tension. When combined with physical therapy and chiropractic services, the massages give you a better chiropractic experience. That is because the adjustments last longer, due to having more pliable muscles and soft tissue to work with.

The physical therapists also collaborate with the masseuse to bring a patient greater range of motion, flexibility and coordination, while strengthening and rebuilding the muscles. Want more physical endurance on the playing field? You will notice a tremendous advantage after beginning massage therapy sessions.

Chiropractors focus on the joints and bones, while physical therapists stick to the strengthening and improvement of movement. Adding massage therapy to the mix is a great way to bring your body to the pinnacle of success.