Worst Careers for Individuals Suffering from Chronic Neck or Back Pain

Worst Careers for Individuals Suffering from Chronic Neck or Back Pain
February 28, 2014

Avoiding Careers that Cause Back Pain

While there are many individuals out there that suffer from chronic neck or back pain, most are able to still find a way to remain productive and still bring in a lucrative paycheck. The important key is to avoid the careers that are known to cause or further aggravate conditions that affect the cervical and lumbar spine. Most times common sense will dictate that certain career paths involving heavy labor would likely be a poor choice because of the strain that it places on the lower back.. If you are concerned, or unsure of whether a certain career would cause you increased aches and pain, do some research on it; either using the internet, or seeking out people in that profession and asking them questions regarding your concerns. Most people don’t mind sharing, and when people take an interest in what they do, they tend to spark up a great conversation that could provide the knowledge you are looking for.

Three of the Worst Careers for Chronic Pain

Construction Laborer

To most people this is quite obvious. Working in construction can be extremely tough and heavy work with repetitive motion that places strain on the spine and muscles that help support it.  This is not to say that every construction worker will eventually develop chronic pain, but the chances are high if certain precautions are not taken. In a fast paced, labor intensive trade, often these precautions are not completely followed taking a toll on your body. Someone suffering from chronic back pain would likely only damage there back further and quicken the need for treatment.

Transport Driver

There are many people growing up who long for the open road and the feeling they think driving a big semi-truck would give them. Although driving a transport truck unofficially makes you the king of the road, the damage and long term effects could lead you down the road to chronic back pain. The vibrations of the truck, constant changes in road conditions, and prolonged sitting all help to exacerbate degenerative disc disease, damage to the discs in your back and its surrounding structures, as well as many possible other injuries from loading and unloading your truck.

Retail Clerk

It may seem strange, but in some aspects a retail clerk cloud be at as much risk as a construction worker for developing chronic problems in the back and neck. Standing for extended periods of time, as well as reaching high and bending low for stock items, can place strain on the back and neck. Someone suffering from chronic lower back pain may have difficulty in this profession, as standing for long periods could already be painful and often cause increased agony. To help avoid these problems in this or a similar work place, there are choices that can be made to assist in a more supportive environment for your back such as a conscious effort to balance your work day between sitting and standing, not skipping your provided work breaks, and stretching and back strengthening exercises before and after work.


Some jobs may lead to, or aggravate, chronic pain. Performing your duties carefully and following job place safety protocols will help you avoid back pain. Safety standards and safety equipment have been tested and proven and are in place many work environments so make sure you are aware and utilize them to keep you as an employee safe and productive.