Pain Management with Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections.

Pain Management with Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections.
June 10, 2014

Many patients get relief from bone or joint pain in the back with the injection of steroids. Epidural injections mean the delivery of medications to the epidural space most commonly, but not limited to, the lumber or lower region of the back. 

Epidural steroid injections include a long-lasting steroid and a local anesthetic. The steroid reduces the inflammation and irritation and the anesthetic interrupts the pain signal transmission. The medicine is distributed throughout the spine to reduce inflammation and irritation. The procedure is usually fairly quick, taking less than fifteen minutes.

Epidural steroid injections are performed under x-ray guidance and sometimes with light sedation. A numbing agent is used at the site of the injection so that discomfort is minimal. Patients are normally released about an hour after the appointment and can return to their normal work and activities the next day.

Epidural Steroid Injections procedures are quick, have a very short downtime, a relatively effective success rate for pain management, only use a general anesthesia to numb the area, and have practically no blood loss during the injection.

Spinal injections are meant to relieve nerve pain that is caused by back conditions that impinge or irritate the nerves. This can be a number of conditions such as radiculitis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, spondylosis, and sciatica.

If you are having ongoing back pain and surgery is not part of your treatment or not in your immediate plans, epidural steroid injection may be a consideration to help temporarily relieve your back pain. Monitoring how effective your pain relief is after a steroid injection may also help your doctor further pinpoint the source of your back problem.