New Jersey Drivers Are Taking the Pledge against Texting and Driving

"You are 23% more likely to be involved in an accident while texting & driving."

Despite new laws designed to prevent accidents due to drivers texting while driving in New Jersey and across the country, it remains a leading cause of death among teenage drivers. Even with continued legislation, the danger of texting while driving remains an issue that many drivers, regardless of age, continue to ignore.

With cellphones having quickly become a necessity in people’s daily lives, the dangers and distractions they create for drivers and pedestrians alike continues to be a very real concern. As more and more drivers take to the busy highways and crowded city streets every day, the faster the chances of accidents and injury due to distracted driving grow.

The loss of focus is three fold: Visual (the driver’s eyes are off the road), Manual (the driver’s hand is off the wheel), and Mental (the driver’s attention is on something other than driving carefully). With the safety of the drivers, passengers and pedestrians in mind, was created.

Sponsored by Atlantic Spine Center, and its President - Dr. Kaixuan Lui, seeks to spread awareness of the many dangers of texting while driving though social networking. By taking the drive safe pledge on the social network of choice, not only is it asserting that responsible driving by abstaining from texting while driving; but also helps spread awareness of it’s dangers to thousands of other drivers through this pledge.

Visit right now to learn more about the dangers of driving while distracted. Experience a dynamic simulation of just how distracting a cell phone can be to drivers on the road at night. Viewers learn how shockingly far they can travel when eyes are off the road in the time it takes to read an average length text while driving. Readers also have the option to take the pledge to drive safe on a preferred social network.

By helping to spread awareness of the dangers of texting while driving, it is Atlantic Spine Center’s hope to educate and inform as many drivers as possible about the safety concerns even something as innocent as a text message can represent while driving.

TxtSmart.orgalso aims to encourage young people to speak out if they are in a vehicle operated by someone texting while driving. It is everyone's safety that gets put in jeopardy any time there are riders with a distracted driver.

Become a voice in the fight against distracted driving. Visit TxtSmart.orgtoday, and take the pledge against texting while driving today.