Learn the 5 Ways to a Quick Recovery From Back Pain

October 7, 2014

Your back is an intricate structure made up of bones, muscles, and other soft tissues extending from the neck to the pelvis. Back injuries, especially lower back injuries, are very common. A car accident can cause a back injury, such as a neck injury or lower back injury. Working around the house can also result in a lower back injury. Sprains, strains, fractured bones, and herniated discs are the most common types of back injury.

The length of a back injury recovery may vary widely depending on the type and severity of the injury. The following are 5 key elements of a quick recovery from a back related injury.

1: Get an accurate diagnosis

An accurate diagnosis is the first step of a back injury recovery, and it’s the most important element of the recovery process. An accurate diagnosis helps your doctor choose the treatment that is right for you. On the contrary, a wrong diagnosis leads to wrong treatment, which will make the injury worse. In fact, misdiagnosis is the leading cause of treatment failures of back related injuries.

2: Seek timely treatment

While a mild lower back injury may be able to heal on its own over time, most back injuries require certain treatments, including pain medication, physical therapy, and/or surgery. Timely treatment prevents the injury from getting worse and ensures you to receive immediate pain relief.

3: Get adequate rest

Studies have shown that prolonged bed rest can delay back injury recovery. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need rest at all. After all, your injured back needs time to heal after an injury or surgical treatment. Otherwise, you may suffer repeat back injuries. So if you have a lower back injury, make sure you let your lower back get enough rest. How long you need to rest will, again, depend on the severity of your injury and you overall health condition. Talk to your doctor to find out how much rest you need.

4: Get appropriate exercise

Exercise has many advantages. It can keep your spine flexible and helps you stay fit. Exercise also strengths your muscles and helps keep your spine appropriately aligned, which will help prevent further back injury. But not all exercises are right for you, especially after you just have a back injury or surgery. Before you start any exercise, ask your doctor or physical therapist to help you design an exercise program that is right for you. When you start to exercise after a back injury, start slowly so that you don’t hurt yourself. Increase your pace and intensity only after your back has gained enough strength.

5: Retain a positive attitude

A positive attitude goes a long way. Scientists have found that positive thinking can improve not only your mental health but also your physical condition. On the other hand, stress, anxiety, and depress can impede injuries from healing and make back pain worse. To ensure a fast back injury recovery, try your best to keep your spirit high at all times.