The Heat Wave Back Pain Story

July 15, 2013

Sent from one of our readers;

This week so far has not been a good one. We have been going through a heat wave and with this crazy humidity my back pain has been worse. I wasn't even aware that heat could increase your back pain but apparently it can. It wouldn't be so bad if I could stay indoors or somewhere with constant air conditioning but we all have to venture outdoors at some point, not to mention my air conditioning in my car is on the fritz!

The weather guy says we have at least a few more days of intense heat so I need to start being proactive and minimize how horrible it is making me feel. Since hibernating indoors and hugging the air vents is out of the question, but what a great time that would be, I've looked up the times that my local swimming pool is open and I have been taking advantage of that.

Swimming is great for us suffering from back pain and we get some exercise as well, that’s always a plus in my book as it can be harder to stay healthy and in shape when a lot of your typical exercise can make your back feel worse. And if you’re lucky enough to have an adult swimming area at your local pool you do not have to worry about some child or children bouncing a ball off your head and wildly swinging a pool noodle in your direction. While I don’t mind swimming with children, when I’m there to try and ease my back pain it’s nice to have it as relaxing as it can be.

Another thing to be aware of is you need to keep yourself well hydrated, not just when you're exercising but during the day, when your outside as well as indoors. This is especially true if your back pain is caused by disc problems. A danger sign to be on the lookout for when out on a hot day and you are not getting enough water is you will stop sweating, at this point it is imperative that you get yourself re hydrated, out of the sun and into the shade.

I’m just glad that this heat wave won’t last forever as I’m getting tired or doing everything later in the day to try and avoid the heat. Gardening when the sun is no longer in the backyard, picking up groceries when it’s dark, and waiting until the sun sets to cut my grass is tough!

As much as I love summer I’m starting to look forward to those nice days and cooler nights we see in the fall.