Chronic Back Pain Treatments - Is There a Cure For Back Chronic Pain?

March 14, 2011

Chronic back pain refers to back pain persisting for more than 3 months. Chronic back pain can greatly affect people’s lives. If you have chronic back pain, it inhibits you from having a good night sleep, affects your job performance, and interferes with your daily activity. Chronic back pain can even lead to anxiety, anger, and depression, which make the pain worse.

Chronic back pain treatments

The good news is there are many options to treat and manage chronic back pain. Successful chronic back pain treatments depend on accurately indentifying the cause of the pain and the patient’s overall health condition.

Conservative chronic back pain treatments include

  • Anti-pain medications,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps patients better understand their pain and teach them how to manage the pain, and
  • Alternative approaches such as acupuncture.

Self-management options for chronic back pain include managing stress, reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption, stopping smoking, maintaining a positive attitude, and staying active.

Unfortunately, conservative chronic back pain treatments and self management may not be able to sufficiently reduce the pain for all patients. Depending on the cause of the chronic back pain, surgical treatments may be needed for some patients.

Thanks to the rapidly evolving surgical technology, many patients with chronic back pain no longer have to undergo traditional open back surgery, which is well known to be associated with high surgical failure and complication rates. More and more orthopedic surgeons have started using minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat a wide range of spinal disorders causing back pain.

Compared with traditional open back surgery, minimally invasive back surgery is associated with a number of advantages, including short operation time, minimal or no blood loss, quick recovery, and high success rates. But because minimally invasive spine surgery is still relatively new, not every physician has acquired adequate knowledge and experience to achieve a successful surgical outcome. If you are considering minimally invasive surgery for your chronic back pain, make sure you find a surgeon who is truly experienced in the field.

Dr. Kai-Xuan Liu is a recognized leader in minimally invasive spine surgery. He and his team at Atlantic Spinal Care perform minimally invasive spine surgery on a regular basis. If you or your loved ones are suffering from chronic back pain, contact him today and find out how he can help.

Is there a cure for chronic back pain?

Because a “cure” indicates a disease or condition and all associated symptoms are completely wiped out, responsible medical professionals don’t use the word “cure” lightly. This is especially true for back pain, which can be caused by so many different factors. And that’s why a “cure for chronic back pain” is seldom used by pain management professionals.

However, this does not mean that chronic back pain cannot be successfully treated or managed. Chronic back pain will not likely disappear on its own without any medical treatments. But with appropriate treatment, people suffering from chronic back pain can live a meaningful and pain-free life again. The key is to find a doctor who truly understands and is experienced in treating your condition. If someone promises you a “cure for chronic back pain,” ask him or her to explain what he or she truly means by “cure for chronic back pain.”