Back Pain Testimonial from Gordon Frazer

February 15, 2011

Gordon Fraser was diagnosed with spinal stenosis when he was 72 years old and for 6 years he made changes to his lifestyle that would still allow him to participate in many of the activities he enjoyed.

After a 9 hour long car ride to see his son he felt utterly useless when he arrived.  The only relief he felt was when he could find a place to sit down and after the 9 hour return trip he knew something needed to be done.

I said to my wife that something had to be done.  I could not continue life in this state

5 different minimally invasive specialists told Gordon that nothing could be done for him as he was not a good candidate.  The final place that Gordon looked at was Atlantic Spinal Care in Edison NJ. and within a few days time he met with Dr. Liu.  After that appointment, Gordon felt reassured that something could be done to help him.

I asked Dr. Liu why these other places did not consider me to be a good candidate.  His response was they had not been in the business long enough to know how to deal with a spine as messed up as mine was.

The surgery was a success and to Gordon’s amazement the pain that he had felt for the last six years was gone.

In closing let me say thank you Dr. Liu for what you have done for me and hopefully for many others to come.  As I said to him in the little Chinese Mandarin that I know “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

Thanks for taking the time to write to us Gordon. We are happy to know your surgery was such a success and things are going so well.