Back Pain Success Story: Karen Boners

October 21, 2011

Karen contacted ASC in the same state as many other people who contact us; in pain, frustrated and wondering if there was any way she would ever get back to her old life. Being from out-of-state and having never flown, she admittedly was nervous about making the trip to come to New Jersey and have us care for her, but after many conversations with ASC’s Chief Surgeon Dr. Liu, she was convinced that ASC was the place for her to finally get her old life back.

After reviewing her MRI, it was clear to Dr. Liu that Karen suffered from a common spinal condition called a herniated disc. The herniation was causing one of the nerves in her neck to become pinched resulting in pain, tingling, numbness and weakness in her upper extremities.

The pain prior to the surgery was my whole head; my head felt like it was going to explode most of the time…

Dr. Liu performed an Endoscopic Cervical Discectomy to treat Karen’s herniated disc. The procedure only took 30 minutes and the results were fantastic.

Coming here and actually getting an effect this quick, I never would have believed it.

After Karen’s follow up she returned home and within no time was back to work.

Karen’s story is unique, but her results are very common for patients coming to see us for herniated discs and other spinal conditions that cause chronic pain.

I definitely recommend Dr. Liu and his services at Atlantic Spinal Care. It has been fantastic.

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