Avoid Chronic Back Pain by Staying Away from These 5 Influences

What causes chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain, back pain that lasts longer than 3 months, may originate from different conditions, including injury, bacterial infection, cancer, or stress. Without a thorough examination and advanced tests, it’s challenging for physicians to figure out what causes chronic back pain in a specific patient. However, certain things and back pain are known to have an intertwined relationship. For instance, stress and back pain. The following are 5 known bad influences to spinal health.

Stress and back pain

Stress and back pain are oddly intertwined. Stress can lead to back pain by tightening up the muscles and enhancing your sensitivity to pain. Back pain, especially chronic back pain, in turn can enhance the stress level. This tangled relationship could create a vicious cycle that puts a patient in misery.
Poor posture

Poor posture can lead to back pain by putting stress on the spine. On the other hand, good posture eliminates the stress by keeping the spine in alignment.
Inappropriate body mechanics

Inappropriate body mechanics can cause back pain by straining the back muscles or damaging the spinal disc, whereas appropriate body mechanics minimize the risk. Take lifting a heavy object for example. The appropriate lifting mechanic is bending the knees when reaching for the object, keeping the object close to the body, and lifting with the help of the legs, instead of the back.

Studies have repeatedly found that smoking increases the risk of chronic back pain and spinal disc diseases. And the longer a person smoked, the higher the risk. In addition, smoking can intensify the pain. On the other hand, smoking cessation can help reduce back pain.

The lower back carries the most of the upper body weight. Extra pounds add stress to the may already stressed out back. The more excessive weight a person carries, the heavier a burden the back has to endure.

Without knowing what causes chronic back pain, it’s challenging to cure it. But controlling the known bad influences including those listed above may be a good starting point.