Atlantic Spine Center Announces Online Consultations

Atlantic Spine Center Announces Online Consultations
March 18, 2016

Atlantic Spine Center announces their introduction of online consultations.This new service offers patients the opportunity to meet with spine doctors virtually to discuss their spine or neck related condition, share information about their pain and consult about treatment options.

“We are thrilled to be among the first in New Jersey and New York to offer patients the convenience and efficiency of this exciting new service, says Dr. Kaixuan Liu, spine specialist and founder of Atlantic Spine Center. With online consultations, patients and their families can literally see and talk with the doctor via video chat.”

According to Dr. Liu, “just like in a traditional office visit, spine conditions can be evaluated via diagnostic studies and through specific diagnostic questions by highly experienced doctors. The online consultation is an ideal first step for people seeking solutions to their chronic back and neck pain.”

Here’s how it works. Patients are directed to page where they can access ASC’s patient portal free sign up page. The sign up process is easy and securely allows patients to upload their medical records including MRI’s and CT scans to their own uniquely created profile.They then have the option of setting up a live 1 on 1 online consultation with one of Atlantic Spine Centers’ highly experienced spine surgeons. In addition, a dedicated Patient Advocate is assigned to the patient to assist them through the whole process. 

“The convenience of not having to take off from work, to see and talk with a doctor in a familiar and non-threatening environment, to schedule the appointment at their convenience, perhaps in the early morning or late evening, to avoid travel, is a tremendous benefit to patients,” adds Dr. Liu. We hope that the online consultation will make it easier for people to get the medical attention they need, the second opinions they seek and ultimately, the solutions and relief for their chronic back and neck pain.