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The Importance of a Correct Diagnosis

February 8, 2011

A correct diagnosis to a doctor is kind of like a lighthouse to a sailor. It provides your doctor with guidance regarding how to treat your condition. An accurate diagnosis can help your doctor Figure out what your condition is, Determine the severity of your condition, and Identify the cause of your condition.

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The Myth of the "Slipped Disk"

January 3, 2011

Top endoscopic spine surgeon Dr. Kaixuan Liu explains the newest remedy. At any given time, an estimated 15 percent of Americans suffer from low back pain, the vast majority of which can be traced to what doctors call a herniated or ruptured disc (and the rest of us know as a slipped disc or pinched nerve). It is a condition in which part of one of the discs in the spine bulges out and irritates the nerves nearby.

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Military to Marathons : Charlotte's Story

November 10, 2010

Charlotte Robinson at one time in her life served in our armed forces and as late as 2006 ran a 26.2 mile marathon. As a lady of great strength and passion for life, it was devastating for her to slowly lose the ability to do the things she loved. It had gotten to the point where Charlotte was no longer able to function without assistance…

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