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What Is Degenerative Disc Disease?

January 21, 2013

Degenerative disc disease refers to the gradual deterioration of the intervertebral disc. The intervertebral disc consists of a soft central part called the nucleus and a tough outer ring called the annulus. A healthy disc is basically made up of water, a group of fibrous protein called collagen, and another class of protein called proteoglycan. As we age, the disc begins to lose its water content and gradually becomes dehydrated.

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Back Pain Prevention in Cold Weather

January 18, 2013

Unless you live in a warm climate where flowers still bloom and you can still enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities, you may find that winter is just not the most pleasant season. First of all, winter limits the number of opportunities for outdoor activities like walking and cycling, which is good for our health. For many people, taking a walk in the winter is simply a dreadful thing to do.

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7 Tips for Managing Holiday Back and Neck Pain

December 3, 2012

The holidays are coming up. As the song sings, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, the holidays are also known as stressful times. There are so many things to do: clean the house, buy holiday presents, arrange family gatherings, and cook holiday meals. The list goes on. The endless to-do list unfortunately can cause stress, anxiety, as well as back and neck pain.

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Risk of Long-term Narcotic Use for Back Pain Management

October 30, 2012

As pain medication, narcotics work by affecting pain receptors’ ability of receiving pain signals. Narcotics do not address the cause of pain; they just block the feeling of pain. In other words, narcotics do not make the pain disappear. If you are using narcotics as your back pain management, your body may gradually develop tolerance to the drugs, which means you will have to increase the dose to receive the same degree pain relief.

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Degenerative Disc Disease, Is It in the Gene?

October 17, 2012

Degenerative disc disease is often considered an aging problem. Daily wear and tear of the disc is generally considered the main contributor of degenerative disc disease. Besides age, other known risk factors of degenerative disc disease include injury, smoking, overweight, and other environmental factors. However, in recent years studies have suggested that there might be a link between genes and degenerative disc disease.

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