Reasons To Choose
Atlantic Spine Center

Are you living every day of your life in pain due to a chronic back or neck problem? You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer with back pain every day and don’t realize that long-lasting pain relief is a phone call away.

If you have found our website, then you are likely considering a remedy for YOUR pain. You’ve decided that you want to live pain free and rid yourself of the burden this imposes on your daily life and activities. Atlantic Spine Center is the right place to start the process of getting your life back.

We have spent years building our practice and our reputation.

Reasons To Choose Atlantic Spine Center

Among the reasons we stand out above the rest:

  • We perform true minimally invasive spine surgery

    Some surgeons may refer to a surgery as “minimally invasive” simply because they make a small incision. However, retractors are still used which causes ripping and tearing of the muscle, resulting in pain, blood loss and a long recovery. Our endoscopic surgical techniques allow us to go between muscles with no need for cutting at all.

    We perform true minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Our innovative diagnostic process

    Over time we have built one of the most accurate diagnostic studies in our industry. For us to really understand your problem, we need to do more than simply look at your MRI. That is why we have developed our Pain Study. If we understand the background to your pain and how you got to the point you are today, we can uncover the little secrets about your condition that an x-ray simply cannot reveal. This is why we achieve the level of results we do.

    Once it has been determined that all conservative treatment options have been ruled out, we will review your case to confirm your selection as a candidate for endoscopic spine surgery.

    Our innovative diagnostic process
  • Our President, Dr. Kaixuan Liu

    Unlike most other institutes and spine care facilities, Dr. Liu it is essential for him to talk with each and every one of his patients. This may slow down the number of people Atlantic Spine Center can treat, but what’s most important to Dr. Liu is the quality of care each and every one of his patients receives.

    After speaking with Dr. Liu, you will quickly understand why so many people choose ASC. All of our surgeons have adopted the same principle and its success is measured by our strong reputation.

    Our President, Dr. Kaixuan Liu
  • Most Advanced Treatments

    Dr. Liu prides himself on ASC’s high success rate and he has committed himself to ensuring that ASC remains a leader in the industry by offering the most advanced and least invasive treatments possible for his patients. This philosophy assures minimal complications and infection for patients, while maximizing their potential for a life-changing outcome.

    Most Advanced Treatments

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  4. If you’ve already had an MRI, click here to submit an online request for a FREE MRI REVIEW. An Atlantic Spine Center surgeon will review your MRI and provide you with a diagnosis.